WARNING: Known scammer and thief Sean Robinson continues stealing oxygen
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The Society for Preventing Sean Robinson From Ever Escaping His Past
2019-09-03 02:33:17 UTC
Hello everyone,

This is being posted as a public service to the Commodore and Amiga
enthusiast communities.

Sean Lee Robinson, a known scammer, con artist, liar, and thief is once
again making the rounds of the classic arcade, computer, and console
communities. Yes, this is the same Sean Robinson who was involved with
the founding of the Commodore Computer Club USA
(https://www.commodorecomputerclub.com/). He is mostly active in the
Pacific Northwest these days, though is accomplished at screwing people
over in online transactions.

Sean has spent time in jail in California for felony defrauding of
arcade game collectors. For more information regarding that (and a
copy of the court documents from before Sean had the conviction
expunged from his record), please visit the following link:


For a more up-to-date copy of the court documents from after the
expungement took place as well as additional info regarding his more
recent scamming activity:


And, for more juiciness regarding his involvement with the Coleco
Chameleon and how he swindled money out of that debacle:


You may be tempted to think that he's paid his debt to society and
changed his ways. Don't be. Sean is pathologically incapable of
behaving with honesty, integrity, or any sort of moral or ethical sense
when it comes to having even a shred of decency in financial dealings.
He's been doing this for over 20 years at this point, and time and time
again we've seen how his behavior simply will not change.

Additionally, if you are aware of Sean Robinson being involved with (or
is becoming involved with) a club, event, or other organization, please
make the appropriate person(s) aware of his past.

Please help spread the word about this person. The sooner he is
completely ostracized from any community he may be seeking to harm the
better-off we'll all be.

Thank you,

The Society for Preventing Sean Robinson from Ever Escaping His Past.
Alien Tech
2019-11-18 11:37:08 UTC
Well everyone I worked with almost to a fault ended up being a scammer. So this is not surprising. The entire C64 experience was a giant scam of many years where no one ever wanted to pay and stole stuff outright. Some even boast of doing it as friends or to help.. Because other wise it might seem like you are stealing outright but even someone stealing from a friend is still stealing. And not paying what was promised is also stealing. Many times I just went along because even a few $100's were better than nothing for the years put into something. After quarter of a century is is just amazing to see interviews from some of these people hying the good old days. Like there was nothing wrong with what they did. So many shysters.. Some even committed crimes like using my info to take out loans and defaulting on it. Leaving me holding the bag I did not even know about. I know hollywood is bad.. But this was far worse because the results are not immediate. You keep getting screwed for decades..

Joe Peter
Alien Tech
2019-11-18 11:38:33 UTC
Like in this interview..