SyncTERM users?
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Rob Swindell
2018-12-14 23:17:43 UTC
Bo Zimmerman
2019-01-12 01:25:42 UTC
I've used SyncTERM quite a bit for some of my wifi modem dev -- thanks
for your work on it.

To your question, 1.0 looks a bit closer to reality. Perhaps something
in the intensity direction of 1.1, but not quite all the way to it?
Dunno, just my opinion.

- Bo
Anyone here use SyncTERM for CBM/PETSCII emulation when connecting to C64 or
C128 boards?
Al DeRosa
2019-01-11 09:04:32 UTC
On 12/15/18, Rob Swindell said the following...

RS> Anyone here use SyncTERM for CBM/PETSCII emulation when connecting to
RS> C64 or C128 boards?
RS> If yes, I have a request of you: compare the SyncTERM v1.0 C64 or C128
RS> "screen modes" with those in the current v1.1b (beta) and let us (the
RS> SyncTERM dev-team) know *which* color representation best reflects what
RS> you would expect to see in a CBM/PETSCII terminal.
RS> Here are some screen shot comparisons (C64 screen mode) if you just want
RS> to peek and comment quickly:
RS> SyncTERM 1.0 screen shot:
RS> https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApZPvWcrEaRQvJl-cu1s0ogYogzkYg
RS> SyncTERM 1.1b (current) screen shot:
RS> https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApZPvWcrEaRQvJl9cli-mEJjXu9k4g

I just started using it recently (Been and still am a NetRunner user) I never
could get 1.0 to emulate it at least without the wrong fonts. I can use 1.1
though and although I am not used to the larger font it runs pretty well and
looks pretty clean. I use it to log into my Commodore BBS' so I can see what
is being transmitted and what I am receiving and they are pretty much the
exact same.. Not sure if this is what you were looking for..