IDE64 Initial Test Videos
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Charles Gutman
2020-07-19 17:26:46 UTC

Here is the link to the youtube site where my first tests were performed.
I will be posting more as I acquire the necessary software to do so.

Charles Gutman
2020-07-23 06:29:03 UTC
Fired up the IDE64 again tonight. I am unable to actually access either of my ide drives as they are not formatted with chfchs disk utility! Ok, that's fine.
I did save all the setup files onto the cd, but it's showing ?Load Error.
I just realized I'm using a dvd rom drive and not a cd rom drive, although the disk IS A CD ROM DISK inside of it.
So I went into disk setup and fiddled around a bit with some of the settings, but will apparantly be unable to do anything until I can format the drives properly with the necessary software.
Therefore, I am now left with an interesting decision....
I've been wondering for awhile about ZoomFloppy...
Is it time to take the plunge and invest in it? Or will it copy the file to the 1541 for me to actually use on my C64?
I think it's time to find out.

Have a great night everyone